A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 23 There Is A Girl

Chapter 23 There Is A Girl

Archer was staring at the wolf, who was staring back at him. , They both were stuck in place until he heard noises coming from behind him, he turned around to see a group of five wolves walking into the clearing from the forest. , All the wolves were growling at the boy, they hated humanoids and would take the opportunity to attack one whenever the chance appeared. , He stared back and smiled manically before shouting out. , ”This is what I want, bring more wolves, more hearts!” , Casting cosmic sword twice, now he had two Roman gladius in his hand and he charged at the first wolf. , But just as he arrived in front of the beast he thunder stepped to appear beside it, and he plunged the blade into the wolfs neck. , It dropped dead as the other 5 looked at the boy who just killed one of their kin. , All the wolves growled at the boy, getting angrier seeing the smile on the boys face. , Archer looked at them with a smile on his face. , ”Come here doggies, let me clean that fur for you Hehe.” , He sprinted towards the group as he cast fire missiles at them. , Woosh!~ Woosh!~ Woosh!~ , The wolves dodged it as best as they could but two got hit directly, and they went flying. , That’s when he noticed the last three lunging at him just in time. , Dodging the first wolf’s attack and casting Cosmic Shield to block the other two. , Causing the wolves to crash into the barrier stunning themselves, giving Archer the chance to quickly dispatch the two wolves. , Archer plunged his blades into both wolves’ heads. , The last wolf was standing there, debating whether to run or fight this little demon with a crazy smile. , Without moving an inch, he stood still and stared at it. , The wolf turned and fled, when it felt a searing pain blow off its hind legs, it dropped to the ground dead. , Archer checked his mana. , Mana: 2170/3120 , Staring at the amount that’s been used, he started doing the math as he tested out by using the spells. , One hour after starting his calculations, he figured out that thunder step uses 150 mana per use, Eldritch Blast used 400, Cosmic Sword used 40, fire missiles 100, and lastly, Cosmic Shield used 60 mana. , ‘That’s not too bad, now let’s collect the grass.’ , Dismissing his sword, he pulled out his knife and started cutting out the six wolf hearts and ate them, he wiped his hands and face while storing the wolf bodies. , He made his way to the grass and started harvesting loads of it until the bag was pretty full. It took him an hour. , The afternoon sun was high in the sky as he made his way to Glimmershade village to deal with the goblins. , As he approached the road, he noticed a trading caravan heading from Vassia City, so he walked up to it. , When the caravan guards saw a demi-human boy walk out of the forest, they all got weary and kept an eye on him. , The guard in charge stepped forward and asked. , ”Boy what are you doing wandering the forest, it’s dangerous for a child of your age to be out here.” , Archer looked up at the man, he was tall, very tall. With brown hair and blue eyes, he had a massive beard. , He was wearing heavy leather armor that covered most of his body, Archer saw a sword on his back and a shield strapped to his left arm. , Two people walked over to the man, a short black man with brown hair and black eyes, who was wearing a scouts outfit. , The second was a tall beautiful blonde-haired woman with a massive chest and a pair of purple eyes. , She was dressed in a black witch’s outfit, she was the one who spoke as they stopped. , ”Ephrain why are we stopping?” , That’s when she spotted Archer standing by the edge of the road and her mouth dropped open when she saw his white horns, scales, and those alluring violet eyes. , She mumbled to herself. ”The boy is a dragon, a white one at that.” , The two men heard what she said and stared at the boy who was looking back at them with a blank look. , The black-haired man spoke up. , ”Rowana, how in the world did you come to figure out this kid is a dragon, the things haven’t been seen in years, and now you’re telling us that there’s one standing in front of us.” , She turned her head to the man and spoke. , ”Because you’re stupid and haven’t studied anything in your life Ludo you can’t see what I can, you see the boy’s white horns and scales?” , Ludo looked at the boy and nodded. , ”They are bending at different angles then point straight up, his scales are a glittering white, the old dragon king had the same scales and horns but black hair instead of the boys white.” , The two men nodded their heads after listening to her explanation. , Archer heard what the woman said and got curious so he asked her as he turned his head towards the witch. , ”You know too much, did you learn that all from books?” , The witch looked at the white-haired boy with sparkling eyes. , ”Can I examine you please, it’s not every day you come across a dragon.” , ”I’ve met many dragon-kin people and also studied wyverns in the wild and captivity.” , Before she could finish, Archer turned on his heels and started walking off without saying a word. , The three people saw the boy just turn to walk south, before he could get further Ephrain called out to him. , ”Boy, where are you traveling to?” , He stopped walking and turned back to the man before answering him. , ”I’m on a quest to Glimmershade to clear some goblins, you?” , Rowana spoke up before Ephrain could. , ”We are headed to Shavano city on an escort mission, we pass through Glimmershade, how about you join us, it’s dangerous on the roads, and things are getting worse” , She got a look on her face, probably remembering she hasn’t introduced themselves yet. , ”I was rude for not asking your name, mine is Rowana, the big guy over there is Ephrain and the angry-looking black guy is Ludo, what’s yours?” , ”Archer, nice to meet you Rowana, and yes I’ll join you” 𝘪.𝑐ℴ𝘮, Minutes later the caravan started moving again and headed down the road. , While they were traveling Rowana kept trying to get close to Archer to examine him. , But he was having none of it and told her to stop talking about him being a dragon or to leave him alone. , She stopped asking him about being a dragon and instead asked him where he was from. , ”So where are you from Archer?” , He thought for a second before telling her. ., ”I’ve lived in Vassia my whole life, only started traveling recently.” , Rowana nodded before asking something else. , ”Are you going to the magic academy when you turn 14, or are you going to continue adventuring?” , Archer thought long and hard about the question, he would like to go but no one would send him, he was practically homeless at the moment. , The woman got a worried look in her voice when he didn’t answer for a few minutes. , ”No, no one will recommend me.” , As she was about to reply, Archer heard a whistling sound heading straight for the group. , Ephrain roared as arrows started hitting the caravan guard’s shields. , ”AMBUSH, Form up and defend the caravan.” , 20 bandits surrounded the caravan and the guards all prepared for a hard fight. , Archer noticed an arrow flying toward Rowana. Just before the arrow hit her, he stepped In front of her and turned to the side. , It hit him but pinged off his scales. , The arrow fell to the floor as Archer cast Cosmic Sword and ran towards the shooter who he could smell. , Dodging a few more arrows heading towards him, he caught up to the bandit who was shooting at him. , As he was charging at the man he started a rhyme to make it more fun for himself. , ”There is a girl, or so she seems. , You’ve seen her face, in fitful dreams. , Black the ribbons, in her hair. , Black her grin, from here to there.” , He dodged the archers knife swing and plunged the black sword into the mans guts as he continued on with the rhyme and killing. , ”Her dress, the merest moonlight trick. , Her eyes were too deep, too dark, too quick. , And of this girl, not much is known. , Although the tales have grown and grown.” , He leaped on another bandit who wasn’t paying attention to him, Archer stabbed him bringing him to the ground, and he got a warning from his senses. , Quickly dodging an axe swing that went over his head and nearly hit his horns, Archer shot a void blast into the Axe man’s chest. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. It all helps support the book. Artwork in the comments or discord, .

Chapter end

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