A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 33 The Battle Of The Two Armies

Chapter 33 The Battle Of The Two Armies

Archer was staring into the distance wondering why there were grasslands here. , As he was thinking Tiefel walked up behind him. , ”Little guy, why do you have that look on your face?” , He turned to face her. , ”Why are there grasslands in the middle of a mountain pass, I don’t get it.” , Tiefel started to laugh as she covered her mouth. , Archer looked up at the woman with blonde hair and amber eyes, he noticed she was quite tall for an elf. , ”What’s so funny?” , She stopped laughing as she answered. , ”Well this mountain range is called The Giant Mountains, historians say the giants once had a city here, they had magic that could revitalize the soil and allow crops to be grown.” , Archer nodded his head with a smile. , The camp was set up, but the only issue is there were no trees for him to sleep in, as he was looking around he pulled out a meat wrap and started eating. , Sarah approached him. , ”Archer I have a tent set up for you, follow me.” , When Archer followed her, he saw a small tent set up not far from the green tents of the guild staff, he thanked Sarah as he entered the tent. , He pulled out a honey brew and started drinking it. , It tasted really sweet and gave him a nice warm feeling that spread throughout his body. , Sitting down on the bedroll he started eating the 10 hearts he looted. , Once finished eating he checked his status. , ‘Status.’ , Experience: 1300>3000 , SP: 2>12 , He saved the points and got comfortable on the bedroll, falling into a deep sleep and having another horrible nightmare. , In the nightmare, Archer desperately clung to Ella’s hand, trying to hold on tight as she pulled away from him. , Her face was twisted in pain and sorrow, and her eyes told a story of heartbreak and loss. , Archer could feel his own heart breaking into a million pieces as he watched her slip away. , He tried to scream out her name, to convince her to stay, but no sound came from his lips, and she kept moving further and further away. , She was disappearing from his sight, and Archer knew that he was losing her forever. , He ran after her, blindly pursuing her, but she was always just out of reach. , Her voice echoed through the darkness, telling him that she had to go, that they couldn’t be together. , It was worse than any physical pain he had ever experienced, like something was tearing him apart from the inside out. , Finally, he collapsed on the ground, helpless and alone, as Ella disappeared into nothingness. , He was left with a deep feeling of loss and despair as if the world had become a little bit darker and colder without her in it. , The nightmare was a cruel twist of fate, reminding him of how fragile happiness could be, and how easily everything he loved could be taken away. , He woke up in a panic, looking around. , Remembering Sarah gave him a tent to sleep in, he heard talking and laughing as he got up, he cast cleanse on himself and changed into a new set of clothes. , He tidied up his messy hair while stepping out of the tent he saw Tiefel, Barador, and Isaiah sitting around a campfire while cooking, Jaen was nowhere to be found. , Tiefel noticed him and called him over. , ”Little guy come over here and have some breakfast!” , He walked towards them and took a seat, as he did Barador flicked his horns causing a jarring feeling to run throughout his body. , Archer slapped his hand away, Barardor laughed as he rubbed It, feeling a slight sting. , He complimented the boy. , ”Wow, little man you’re quite strong, especially since you’re so little.” , They all started laughing, Archer let out a small chuckle as Tiefel handed him a bowl. , Looking in he saw a soup-looking food and bits of meat. , He took the spoon and started eating. , The meat tasted like pork the soup was spicy, it was really nice, he pulled out a fizzle fig and drank it. , The drink tasted fruity, he noticed that everyone was staring at him with wide eyes, when he noticed them he asked what was wrong. , ”What’s wrong?” , Isaiah spoke before anyone else could. , ”How much stuff do you have in your storage, for the last month we have seen you pull out all sorts of **, now fess up.” , Archer looked at him while he finished his soup, he put down the bowl while pulling out some chocolate and started eating. , ”Food and drinks.” , Everyone looked at him like he was an idiot. , Tiefel spoke up. , ”He means what kind of food do you have.” , ”Chocolate, sweets, pasties, and other goodies, oh and I bought 100 drinks from a stall.” , Everyone’s eyes opened wide as they heard him speak. , Barador looked at him. , ”Why do you have so much food?” , Now it was Archer’s turn to stare at the man like he was an idiot. , ”Don’t look at me like that boy!” , Tiefel laughed at her husband seeing him get flustered. , Archer just stared at the elf while eating chocolate. , ”Because I like food, and knew I’d be away for a while so I bought extra.” 𝘪.𝑐ℴ𝘮, They all nodded while finishing their food, Archer watched the guards pack up the camp. , A couple of hours later they exited the Giant Mountain and entered vast grasslands with a raging river running through it, but the whole caravan can see black smoke in the distance. , Elric stopped the caravan and started talking. , ”Be alert and keep an eye out, the noble faction is pushing the royal faction into a desperate situation, only the goddess knows what they will do, be careful everyone.” , He motioned for everyone to continue, Karna city wasn’t far from the border so it wouldn’t take long to get there. , A few hours later a city could be seen in the distance, thick black smoke could be seen blotting out the sun. , The caravan crossed a wooden bridge and got really close to the city, the bridge was half a mile away. , More and more beasts appeared everyone could see an army battling with goblins, orcs, and trolls in front of the city. , Archer rushed to the front summoning his two swords and started killing the goblins he was coming across, he even saw orcs and trolls in the distance. , He heard a caravan guard call it a beast wave, from the memories he can piece together, it happens when dungeons become full and the beasts start pouring out. , They ravage lands and slaughter the people, other beasts try to break off, escaping to other parts of the kingdom. , The caravan guards all charged toward the beasts along with the adventurers. , At this point, Archer was spamming fire missiles and slashing beasts down left and right. , Taking a deep breath, his hand clenching tightly around the hilt of his cosmic sword. He had fought beasts before, but this was different. , The goblins, orcs, and trolls had joined forces to take down a human city, and he knew that stopping them would require every ounce of his strength and skill. , As the two armies collided, he swung his sword, cutting down goblins with ease. , Feeling the power coursing through the blade, crackling with electricity and charged with cosmic energy. , As he fought, he also was casting spells that brought chaos to the ranks of the enemy. , With each strike, Archer grew stronger, slaying orcs with a flick of his wrist and summoning bolts of lightning that burned bright against the dark sky. , The goblins, orcs, and trolls fought fiercely, but they were no match for the strength and willpower of Archer or the people fighting behind him. , The battle raged on for what seemed like hours, with the fire of combat never ceasing. , As he battled on, his stamina began to falter, but he refused to quit. , Casting body enhancement, he felt a surge of power inside him, his violet eyes shone brighter than ever before. , An energy flow he has never felt surged through him as he felt his body enhancement evolve into something different. , Body enhancement > Cosmic Enhancement , The cosmos smiles upon you child, Mana has blessed you, and now the cosmos deems you worthy of such a blessing, go forth and change the world, we will be watching , Reading the notification that popped up in front of him, not knowing how. , Seeing he got a new skill he activated it and something in him changed, a new power surged through his whole body. ., That’s when he heard the bad news being shouted out. , ”More beasts are coming, retreat!” , The adventurers started to pull back but archer stepped forward and started killing beasts. , With every kill, Archer’s body grew stronger. , The cosmic power that had surged through him at the start now filled him completely, and he was almost invincible. , The orcs, goblins, and trolls fought desperately to stop him, but he was too quick and too powerful. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. 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Chapter end

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