A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 44 Party

Chapter 44 Party

While walking back to the shack that the humans were trapped in, he started to loot the village after he dismissed his teeth and claws, leaving his wings and tail out. , His tail gently swayed behind him, like a soft beacon of light amidst the darkness. , Every movement was effortless and fluid, the tail’s snowy scales shimmering in the glow of the afternoon sun. , As he moved, the tail trailed behind him, its serpentine curves forming hypnotic patterns in the air. , The tail seemed to have a life of its own, twisting and turning in perfect harmony with Archer’s every step. , Its delicate and graceful motions belied the tail’s astonishing power. , Though soft to the touch, the tail could deliver a devastating blow when used as a weapon, capable of crushing a boulder or felling a tree with ease. , Archer himself seemed to embody the peaceful yet potent nature of the white dragon. , His movements were gentle yet purposeful, his aura radiating a calming energy that seemed to put others at ease. , As he paused, his white tail settled into a gentle sway behind him, like a soothing wave on a still sea , During his looting spree he found 129 gold coins, 370 silver and 344 copper. , ”They had good loot, but not enough to make up for the two months of playing hide an seek with the cunts.” , Approaching the shack he used a claw to cut off the lock, and opened the door. , Peering inside he saw 20 people huddled in the corner, he gagged as he smelt the shack and quickly stepped back. , He waited outside until the people started making their way out. , There was loads of women and girls but also a few men, an older blonde woman approached him. , She stopped in front of him with a scowl on her face. , ”What are you doing here boy!” , Looking at the woman, once upon a time she was pretty but hard work and stress have taken their toll. , ”Saving you.” , As he finished talking he left the woman standing there. , When he got far enough he leapt up and started flying out of the village. , Spotting a tree not far from the village, Archer landed on a branch, he sat down trying to get comfortable. , He started keeping an eye on them from his vantage point as he started eating some chocolate. , Some people were searching for stuff, while others huddled together frightened, he had no idea what they went through. , The afternoon sun was high in the sky. , ”Hello sir, thank you for saving me and my daughter.” , Archer heard a mans voice and looked over the branch to see a middle aged man and a older teenage girl, he nodded at them before returning to his position. , An hour passed as the rescued villagers gathered below the tree he was sitting in, he jumped off and started walking back to the village with the people following behind. , By the time the sun set, they arrived back at the village to see Ralf and his wife were waiting for them at the entrance. , He smiled as he saw the group approaching the village. , ”Archer thank you for helping.” , Archer looked at the man. , ”Is there anymore cannibal villages close by?” , The man got confused so he asked the boy. , ”Why do you want to know?” , Archer stared at him. , ”I want to party with them. Anyway I’m going to go now, make sure to report the cannibal attack to the local guild.” , He opened his Domain and stepped through the portal under the astonished looks of the villagers. , When Archer entered the portal, a wave of fatigue hit him as he made his way to the cottage, he dismissed his Draconic Form as he slumped on the sofa. , Sitting there for a while, he needed a hot bath. , ”I need to create a bathhouse.” , He started picturing the cottage with a bathhouse, he needs one for now and the future. , A small shake was felt through out the Domian, Archer got off the sofa as he checked his mana. , Mana: 5500/7000 , ”It didn’t use that much, let’s go.” , He made his way to the new bath chamber as he stripped off. , When he entered he was shocked. , The bath chamber was a private oasis, a haven of tranquility within this fantastical world. , As one entered the chamber, the soothing sound of water cascading from the ceiling into the pool below could be heard. , A light mist hung in the air, filling the chamber with the gentle scent of lavender and rose petals. , The centerpiece of the room was a large pool, warmed to the perfect temperature, with steam gently rising from the surface. , The water was crystal clear, and soft cushions of bubble froth slowly drifted across its surface. , Small waterfalls spilled down from the ceiling into the pool, creating a gentle, cascading sound. , In one corner of the room was a marble tub, large enough to accommodate a family of four. , It was filled with rose-scented water, with bubbles rising in small, frothy clouds from the jets along the edges. , Embroidered towels of the softest, fluffiest cotton were placed off to the side. , Archer didn’t think he could create something like this. , ”It’s beautiful.” , What he didn’t know, in the far future this would be a favorite place among his wives. , Archer lay in the bath, sinking down in the hot water that surrounded him like a warm embrace. , The air was thick with the scent of roses, the petals floating in the water around him, adding a touch of ethereal beauty to the already luxurious surroundings. 𝘪𝑎., The water was perfectly heated, delivering a soothing warmth to his skin and muscles that made him sigh with contentment. , Leaning his head back against the smooth marble of the tub as Archer closed his eyes, allowing the heat and fragrance to work their magic. , As he relaxed, he could feel his tensions melting away, his body surrendering to the pleasure of the moment. , The sound of a gentle waterfall nearby added to the tranquil atmosphere, a gentle murmur that matched the rhythm of his breathing. , He took a deep breath, inhaling the sweet scent of roses, and a small smile appeared on her lips. , It was a moment of pure indulgence for Archer, he was so relaxed he nearly fell asleep while relaxing in the bath. , While he was there he decided to make the Domain more like the outside world. , He pictured a beautiful moon in the sky, and a beaming sun during the day, he also created different weathers. , Archer wanted it to be it’s own ecosystem. , Getting out the bath and drying himself he decided he wanted to go have a look at the results. , He walked around his domain, as he marveled at the vibrant and thriving ecosystem he had created with his mana. , The air was thick with the scent of blooming flowers, and the ground was covered in a lush carpet of emerald green grass. , Thick trees towered over him, providing shade and shelter to the creatures that lived within them. , He listened to the chirping of birds and the hum of insects as they went about their daily activities. , Small beasts scampered across the forest floor, their tiny paws barely making a sound. , Butterflies flitted from flower to flower, their delicate wings casting shimmering colors in the moonlight. , Archer watched as a family of deer-like beasts grazed on the grass, their red coats shining due to the moonlight. , A nearby stream burbled merrily, providing water for the creatures that called the forest home. , As he continued to walk, Archer realized that he had created an entire ecosystem, each part of it interconnected with each other. , Deciding to get some sleep, he made his way back to the cottage while pulling out some Elvern cake and started to eat. , Walking up the wooden bridge, he entered the cottage making his way to his bedroom. , Stripping out of his cloths, he jumped into bed and fell asleep. , Waking up in an unknown bed seeing a ceiling he’s never seen before. , Archer looked around and started to panic. , He noticed a girl in her teens lying next to him. , Recognizing the smooth blonde hair. , ”Ella?” , It was a girl he knew all too well lying in front of him. , He hugged her and held her close but she sat up and stared directly at him. , Seeing blood drip down from her eyes and lips. , ”Help me.” , She collapses causing Archer to panic and rush towards her but that’s when everything changes but before he could see anything he woke up. , Remembering that he was in the cottage he calmed down, he was sweating so he cast cleanse on himself. , ‘I’ll take this stress out on the cannibals.” , Archer gets up and dressed before heading for the jungle. , ____________________ , Archer’s current status. , Name: Archer , Race: White Dragon , Age:13 , Rank: Expert , Exp: 8600/9000 , Level: 76 , HP: 2000/2000 , Mana: 7000 /7000 , Magic: Fire-Water-Earth-Wind-Lightning-Space-Darkness-Light. , Strength: 1200 , Constitution: 1300 , Stamina: 1200 , Charisma: 1400 , Intelligence: 1000 , Status Points: 0 , Spells: Void Blast(4)Cosmic Shield(3)Cosmic Sword(4)Cosmic Enhancement(-)Thunder-step(4)Cleanse(-)Eldritch Blast(4)Plasma Shot(3)Fire Missiles(4)Thunder Wave(3)Call Lightning(2)Fireball(2)Element Bolts(0)Dragon’s Breath(0) , Skills: Spell Creation(-)Mana Regeneration(-)Regeneration(5)Dragon Senses(-)Short Sword Mastery(4)Aura-Detector(3)Dragon’s Domain(1)Draconic Form(-) , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, 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Chapter end

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