A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 2 - Aeternal Infernal Phoenix!

Chapter 2 - Aeternal Infernal Phoenix!

, , Chapter 11 – Rest Assured, I Will Not Kill You, “Ah—-!!” Zhu Zhong Ba screamed as he flew backwards, sounding like a pig being slaughtered., He frantically retreated and took out a whip from inside his Storage Ring, completely lacking in coordination and skill he faced He Xi while still disoriented., He Xi’s stature was very nimble so she certainly wasn’t going to get an injury from the whip, however from the top of the whip a dark and cold aura could be felt, rousing her interest., She dodge to the side, her action too fast to follow. Grabbing the whip she faced the fat Zhu Zhong Ba as she firmly tugged several times on the whip., Zhu Zhong Ba screamed as the whip was tugged on repeatedly, scared witless, until finally his screaming voice became too hoarse to be heard., He Xi saw Zhu Zhong Ba’s sorry figure that was unceasingly rolling on the ground and sneered: “Indeed this is a good whip, it’s wasted being owned by you though.”, If her guess was right it was made using a type of animal bone, clear white, tough yet soft, the barb on top of the whip could freely stretch, she really picked up a treasure., On the other side, Zhu Zhong Ba’s miserable howling had finally attracted the guards from outside to come in., The first ones to arrive, sure enough, were those four Foundation Establishment stage martial artist guards. The corner of He Xi’s mouth raised, in her hands there were already well prepared Invisible Needles. Suddenly they flew from her hands towards the guards like falling rain., “Ah—-! My spiritual power, why can’t I use my spiritual power?!”, “You evil woman, what underhanded trick did you use on us again?”, The martial artists from the entire courtyard had gathered here so the Invisible Needles had sealed not only the four Foundation Establishment stage guards, but also the large party of Qi Refining stage martial artist’s Dantian, rendering them unable to use their spiritual power., After that He Xi’s hands slightly trembled and a faint fragrance permeated the air., Still feeling indignant at the injustice of losing their spiritual power, the guards suddenly felt themselves weaken, powerlessly they collapsed to the ground., At this moment they couldn’t resist, they didn’t even have the ability to shout for help., He Xi picked up the Slave Ownership Card that had fallen to the ground and put it in her space, then lightly stepping forward, the corner of her mouth curved into a sinister and secretive smile., Zhu Zhong Ba’s fat face looked like a pig head, swollen with purple bruises and criss crossed with red whip marks, his eyes were extremely frightened: “Young lady, brave woman, great aunt, I was wrong, I was wrong, please don’t kill me!!”, He Xi squatted down and lightly patted the tragic sight of Zhu Zhong Ba’s fat pig face., “I had said you were a dead fat pig, so if you had pain attention why would you still not behave? This great aunt’s small advantage just because you want it you think you can have it?”, “I wouldn’t dare, wu wu wu, I wouldn’t dare anymore!”, He Xi who felt disgusted just looking at the weeping form of Zhu Zhong Ba dripping mucus and tears sneered: “Unfortunately it’s too late! You’ve been provoking I, this great aunt, and want to escape unscathed just like that? Dream on!”, He Xi, sick of the weeping Zhu Zhong Ba kicked him until he fainted then proceeded to drag over those four guards that seemed like dead pigs., “Didn’t you say you wanted me to taste the experience of wanting to die but being unable to?”, The arrogance in the little girl’s smile filled with demonic laughter, her cold eyes flashed a ruthlessness making them terrified., “You….do you know who are we?” Among them one guard that appeared fierce but was actually cowardly at heart spoke, “We are people from Jin Ling Kingdom’s richest Zhu Family, if you touch Young Master Zhu and us, you will stand as Zhu Family’s enemy.”, “ You’re not too difficult to deal with, you’re merely an ordinary person! If we had detected it a moment ago we wouldn’t have been trapped by your evil trick! Zhu Family has countless martial artists, at that time a tiny individual with no power like you wouldn’t be able to step on us as you wish!”, “You should just let us go, if not you will have to face with the rest of us.”, The four guard words were filled with threats and implications of despising an ordinary person like herself., He Xi laughed angrily. This group of incompetent slags, apart from relying on their martial artist identities to bully others, what else can they do?, Her quiet voice that reached their ears was bitingly cold, like a whisper from hell: “Rest assured, I will not kill you.”

Chapter end

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