A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 2: Nogizaka Kana(1)

Chapter 2: Nogizaka Kana(1)

, “Kana, I can’t wait anymore. We’re already dating for a year.” The guy said, his face couldn’t contain his desire to take the girl. , Looks like this will be their first time. But still, even when she those words earlier. I could see from her face that she also wanted this to happen. , However, I won’t let you. , I clenched my hand and without holding back, I slammed it on the door. , Bang! , “Who?!” , The agitated voice of the boy rang almost instantly as soon as the banging sound reached them. They’re surely surprised by that so I quietly hid in a corner. , Even from where I was hiding, I could hear the sounds of them fixing their uniforms and their silent conversation. , “Kenji, d-do you think someone saw us?” , “I don’t know, sorry Kana. Because of me. I couldn’t wait. We should go home. I’ll go first. I’ll wait for you at the gate.” , “Un. I’ll be there.” , I heard the sound of the door opening and saw the guy called Kenji running out. He even looked to his left and right and when he found nothing, he immediately went down to the stairs. , I waited for a bit, making sure he wouldn’t come back before coming out of hiding. , Step. Step. Step. , As I approached the classroom, the sound of someone else inside could still be heard. The girl called Kana was probably fixing her clothes which were a mess earlier. , When she heard the sound of the door opening once more, she immediately became alert. , Under her watchful and somewhat afraid eyes, I entered the room and closed it shut. , “Well, that was an interesting sight senpai.” I started. , “W-who are you?” She warily asked as she started stepping backwards , I could feel her wariness through her voice. , Well, who wouldn’t be? I can guess what she’s thinking right now. She’s thinking that I am the one who slammed the door earlier. , “Nobody, Just your ordinary junior senpai,” I answered smilingly, perhaps I was also showing the whites of my teeth. , However, her reaction to it was to step back a little bit further. , “1st year? What are you doing here? This is the 3rd years’ floor.” , “Well you see, I thought of exploring the school since I’ll be here for 3 years. Never would I have thought to see a very stimulating scene.” , “Y-you saw?” , Of course I saw. I thought you already knew? , Well, that’s a good expression on her face. She’s blushing and the trace of embarrassment showed. She even crossed her arms to cover her chest despite her uniform already fixed. , Now that I got to look at her properly, this Kana-senpai is really cute. She’s the Cute and Shy type of girl. She has shoulder-length hair decorated by a yellow ribbon hairband. Her forehead was covered by her bangs. Even though she’s already in her 3rd year, she still looks child-like. Her chest isn’t though. I can still recall how she looked earlier. I heard that they’re already dating for a year and they’ll only do it now? I wonder why they chose to do it here though. , “What do you mean? Are you talking about this?” , I walked towards her and brought my phone out. On the screen was the picture I took earlier. , “Ah?!” , Her eyes widened when she saw it. And now more traces of fear could now be seen on her alluring face. , “D-delete that.” , “Huh? Why? This is a really great shot if I must say. You looked really cute here, senpai.” , I smiled at her. , I know that my desire for her can’t help but leak out. I’m sure she’s also feeling it right now. Well, this is really what excites me. I never knew I could find a target this early. , “N-no, please.” , “No what? I can’t understand you, senpai.” , “P-please delete the picture.” , I pretended to think but I was secretly observing her every reaction. , As time continued to pass, her breathing was turning ragged and I could somehow sense her desperateness. Who wouldn’t? If someone saw that picture I’m sure they’ll be delighted. , This cute upperclassman on that pose. I could feel a reaction down below just thinking about it. Of course, I’m cutting out her boyfriend from the picture. , “I won’t show it to anyone. You see, senpai. You look really cute here.” , “W-why? Why are you doing this?” ., Her eyes are turning watery now. A little push and she might really start crying. , “I like the look on your face here, senpai. You looked really sexy. I can’t delete this but I can promise not to show this to anyone.” , “R-really?” , “I swear. But on one condition.” , When she heard the word condition, she took another step back. Because there’s a chair behind her she fell sitting on it. , “W-what condition?” , I stared at her from bottom to top. On my mind, I’m already stripping her. Thinking of plans on how to steal her. This type of girl is one of the easiest. A simple blackmailing can make her fall. Though I said easiest, her type is also the easiest to fail. One wrong move and it will be over. , So here. Let me start this school year with you. I’m really looking forward to it. Kana-senpai. , “Let’s exchange numbers.” I answered her with a smile. , – , – , After we exchanged numbers, I left the classroom. Leaving the surprised Kana-senpai. She probably thought I would ask for something more but I have to take it one step at a time for now. There’s the risk of her boyfriend coming back when she stays there for long. , I told her to not tell her boyfriend about me and the picture. If she did, I’ll expose it to everyone. Turns out his boyfriend is one of those aiming for a scholarship in college. If this gets public, it might spoil his chances to get that so she accepted. , I’m amazed that she told me that. I got another info to hold her. Now the difficulty lowered again. I don’t know if I can call her idiot or naive, anyway this is better for me. I can’t wait to steal her. Ban her having sex with him and then ultimately ban her to have any physical contact with him. I won’t ask for them to break up of course. I’ll fully savour her, in and out of the school. , I have to cement my Classmate A personality inside the classroom first though. So I can move freely and for no one to bother me. Now that I got her number, it’s easy to call Kana-senpai out. Slowly, I’ll steal her from him. And of course her precious virginity as well. , Turns out I was right at my guess. That boy is her first boyfriend. Because of her personality, she avoided most boys during her 1st year but that boy courted her during the whole school year. Only then did she accept him after a year of effort. And another year again before she resolved herself to accept his desire to have sex with her. , Unfortunately, I found them before they did it. I guess I’m lucky enough to pick a virgin as my first target. I will savour it for him. , “Senpai, see you tomorrow.” , I sent a mail to her and surprisingly, she replied fast. , “Yes. Please don’t show it to anyone.” , —– , The sun set and the next day came. , When I walk inside the classroom, I can now see the various groups that were formed. There’s a group of delinquents at the back. Both boys and girls. They all look scary for an ordinary student but for me, I only need to steer away from them. It’s troublesome to get involved with them unless there’s a couple there, I won’t take an initiative to enter their circle. Classmate A is a normal student, I’m not a delinquent. , There’s another group of boys near the window seat. If I can describe them then they’ll be the protagonist and the side characters. There’s two there who stood out. Probably the protagonist and his best friend. Others are just normal friends. , Then on another corner are their counterparts. Girl groups with two of them standing out as well. The main heroine and childhood friend? Not that I care. I will only get to know them when they start dating each other. I have to stay neutral here. Among Classmate B and above. , During the third period, I felt my phone vibrate on my pants. I put it on silent mode since I hate the sound of ringtones. Even calls are on silent mode. , Kana-senpai sent me a mail. I immediately opened it and smiled after reading it. , “Onoda-kun, can I ask you something?” , “What is it, senpai?” , “Why did you only ask for my number?” , Huh? What is this girl? Are you curious about why I didn’t ask for anything? Were you expecting another condition yesterday? , “Because I like you, senpai.” , I can imagine her getting flustered when she read this. Well, she’s cute so it’s natural to like her. Though I will never tell her that I only like her because she’s in a relationship. , “Eh? We barely know each other. And you only saw me at my embarrassing moment. How could you like me?” , “I like you because I saw you like that senpai. Can I tell you a secret?” , “Uhh. What is it?” , “I fantasized about you last night. I look at that picture of you while masturbating.” , “Pervert.” , “I’m just being honest, senpai. You look really sexy and cute. I can’t help it.” , “Stop, Onoda-kun. You know I have Kenji.” , “I don’t care, senpai. I like what I like. Can I see you later?” , “Why? Don’t tell me…” , “I just wanted to see you again, senpai. I will wait for you at the roof during lunch.” , Ending our exchanges, I put my phone back to my pocket. Let’s see if she will show up. She seems interested though? Well, if it didn’t work I’ll just force her. I have a lot of ways for her to meet me alone. , “Oh? Who’s that Onoda, your girlfriend?” , I heard the boy behind me say. Looks like he noticed me exchanging mails. , “Do I look like a guy who has a girlfriend Sakuma?” I said as I pointed at my face. , “Hey hey, what’s that? Onoda has a girlfriend?” , The girl at my right got curious at what Sakuma said. , Sakuma laughs at my answer “You’re right. You don’t look like it.” , “You heard him Maemura,” I answered to the girl at my right. , “Tsk. You’re both boring.” , Maemura immediately lost interest. At least this should be how a Classmate A acts. Never stand out but never fade out in the background. , The lunch break soon arrived. I bought bread at the cafeteria and immediately made my way to the roof. Unlike what most see in anime or manga. Rooftop isn’t that popular. It’s so hot up here you know? You’re closer at the sun and there’s little to no shade. Luckily today’s cloudy. I didn’t go outside and just sit at the top of the stairs. , The delinquents have another spot where they gather so only those who don’t mind the heat will go up here. , I ate my bread in silence while waiting whether Kana-senpai would arrive or not. , I got her full name yesterday. Nogizaka Kana. Nogizaka is too long so I’ll keep on calling her Kana. I really wonder if this will be too easy. I don’t want her to fall in love with me. Her type is one who most easily breaks up when they find someone else they like more. They’re the type who don’t want to two-time. They’re too honest about their feelings. I don’t want her feelings though and I only want to steal her and enjoy her body. , 15 minutes into the lunch break. I heard unhurried footsteps walking up the stairs. Not long after that, I can see the flushed face of Kana-senpai. On her hand is the same bread I bought. Looks like she got held up in the cafeteria. , “You really came, senpai. Won’t you eat lunch with your boyfriend?” , “Kenji was called by the teacher.” , “I see. You’re really cute senpai.” , Kana-senpai blushed. Haa. I can’t wait to get my hands on her. This way. I’ll call her whenever her boyfriend isn’t around. Then soon, I’ll call her even when she’s with him. I’ll concede kisses and hugs for now. But I will never allow them to finish what they were doing before. , “Don’t joke with me, Onoda-kun. Why do you want to see me?” , She finished the last steps. She’s now in front of me. Looking at me munching on my bread. , “Like I told you. I want to see you again.” , I gave her a smile then continued eating. , “I’m satisfied now senpai. You can go back now.” , “You’re weird Onoda-kun.” , Though she heard me telling her to go back. She didn’t do that but she climbed more then sit beside me. , “I’ll eat here. It looks lonely seeing you eating alone.” , Right. Her type is also those kind ones who sympathize with others. She couldn’t help but stay when she saw me eating alone. , “Really? I’m used to it though.” , “Don’t say that. Look we got the same bread.” , She smiles at me as she opens her bread packet. , “There’s not much of a choice there anyway. I wonder, senpai.” , “Hmm?” , She’s munching on her bread slowly. Even her bites are cute damn. It looks like a little rabbit bit on it. , “Why are you kind to me? I’m basically a guy who’s blackmailing you.” , She thinks for a second and said , “I don’t know either. You look harmless. Besides you only ask for my number.” , Harmless? Ah. Yeah. I heard that before. That student council president back in my middle school. She also told me that I look harmless. Well, I don’t know if she still thought of me as harmless after all the things I did to her. , “But I’m using that picture. Am I still harmless?” , Hearing that, she flushed red again. She probably remembered my mail about how I used that as masturbation material. , Kana-senpai turned her head away from me. Maybe afraid that I see how she’s blushing now. , “H-honestly, I felt flattered when you told me that. Y-you think of me as s-sexy.” , She even stuttered. How cute can this girl be? Ah. I’m getting hard. , Okay. Let’s push her a bit. , I moved closer to her and extended my hand enclosing her waist. , “Do I still look harmless senpai?” , “W-whaa. Where are you touching? Remove your hand Onoda-kun.” , I ignored her plea and tightened my hold on her. Pulling her closer to me. Though she said that. She’s not offering much resistance. , “You smell good senpai.” , I move my face to her neck and smell it. I looked below and saw the ravine that is her chest. I can see it moving up and down. Looks like she’s breathing fast now or it’s her heart that’s thumping. It’s a bit dark here so I can’t really see her smooth chest. I remember her erect nipples again. I like to pinch those and suck on it hard. , “Don’t smell me Onoda-kun. I have a boyfriend. You can’t.” , There’s a small resistance now but still not enough to push me away. , “I told you. I don’t care. I like what I like, senpai. And it’s you.” , Using my other hand I turn her head back to me. I took away the bread she’s eating and put it down. Holding her chin, I looked into her eyes. She’s really red right now. I don’t know, there’s like imaginary steam coming out of her head now. , Maybe she’s thinking I will kiss her. She closed her eyes. What is this? She’s not against me kissing her? Isn’t this too easy? Just don’t fall for me okay. , “You’re really cute senpai. Can I kiss you?” , I whispered to her ears. Her eyes are still tightly closed. She’s trembling a bit and I can see her head nodding. It’s a yes.

Chapter end

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