Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 77 Opening Banque

Chapter 77 Opening Banque


The cold rain poured down, everyone walked into the castle, everyone felt a sense of relief.

The sent of food floated out from the Great Hall, it made all the young wizards fell happy.

Ivan sniffed and rubbed his belly.

It was a pity that he couldnt see the sorting ceremony or eat last year.

As he was about to enter the Great Hall, Professor McGonagalls voice suddenly sounded out.

Mason, Potter, and Granger, I want to see you three!

They turned their heads in surprise, they saw Professor McGonagall come over with a stern look, Ivan tried to think if he had done anything.

You dont have to be so sad, I just want to talk to you in my office. She turned her head, Weasley, Creevey, you may go to the party first.

Ron and Colin stared at Professor McGonagall as she lead Ivan, Harry, and Hermione away.

They walked to her office, it was a small room with a welcoming fire in the fireplace.

The three of them were astonished to see that Madam Pomfrey was there waiting for them.

Professor Lupin sent an owl, saying you passed out on the train, Potter. Professor McGonagall looked worried, As for you, Mason, Lupin said that you used the Patronus Charm, which is incredible considering your age but the strain on your body must be immense.

No, Professor..

Before they could finish their words, they were interrupted by Madam Pomfrey.

You two! said Madam Pomfrey in an enlightened voice, I thoughtYoure not going to do anything dangerous like you did with the basilisk.

Dementors at Hogwarts, said Professor McGonagall.

They exchanged an inconspicuous wink and Madam Pomfrey exhaled a deep breath of cold air with an unfavorable giggle.

Setting Dementors around the school. muttered Madam Pomfrey while examining Ivan and Harry, He wont be the last one to collapse. You are all clammy. They surely are terrible creatures, the effect they have on people who are already delicate..

Im not delicate! said Harry angrily

Of course youre not. said Madam Pomfrey absentmindedly, You look good, what do you need, bed rest or..

I think we are fine, I think I have a lot of happy things to remember. The spell wasnt as hard as I thought it would be, said Ivan hastily.

Since taking the potion, his mana has clearly increased by a good margin. The use of the Patronus charm is too much for a regular young wizards body. Ivan was curious as to why he had started to form the guardian even though he couldnt remember anything happy in his mind.

I dont need anything! nodded Harry, Professor Lupin gave me some chocolate and I feel much better now!

So we have a Professor who knows his remedies, whispered Madam Pomfrey.

After Ivan and Harry repeatedly insisted they were all right, they went out with Madam Pomfrey. Professor McGonagall had something to say to Hermione.

What does Professor McGonagall have to talk to Hermione about? asked Harry curiously.

It should be about some of her classes time conflicting so perhaps Professor McGonagall is persuading her to give up a few classes. Said, Ivan, even though he knew Professor McGonagall is giving Hermione a time turner.

He used one at the end of last year but the time turner he used was made by Rowena Ravenclaw herself, it was powerful enough to bring him back a thousand years.

Unfortunately, when he came back Ravenclaw didnt just say Merry Christmass take your stuff.

Ivan thought there might be something else in the secret room he got the time turner but the basilisk was going to many different places he couldnt be sure of its exact location. And he didnt have a clue where to find the secret treasures.

As Ivan was in thought frowning, Hermione came out looking very happy, behind her was Professor McGonagall, she walked down the stairs to the Great hall with them.

In the great hall was a sea of black hats, each table was filled with student, thousands of candle lights shone on their faces, the candles were suspended in mid-air above the table. Professor Flitwick was walking out of the Great Hall with an old hat and a three-legged stool.

Oh, my God! said Ivan as he slapped his forehead, I missed it two years in a row, how.

Yes, you are very unlucky! said Colin while looking at Ivan sympathetically.

By the time Ivan sat down he noticed there were a few new faces at Gryfindors table which should be the new first years.

He doesnt know them but they seem to know him.

They turned around and looked at Ivan and Harry, he told them a summary of what had happened on the train.

The people where all very interested in the matter, whether it was Harry who had fainted or Ivans use of Magic to defeat the Dementors.

Perhaps after the story of Me and the Basilisk at Hogwarts, will be Me and the Dementors at Hogwarts, as long as its in Lockharts style it will be very popular.

After a while a warm sound of applause filled the great hall, he saw Hagrids flushed face, he stood in the teachers seat with his smile hidden by his messy black beard.

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Dumbledore had just finished introducing the two new professors, Lupin was as expected a professor of defense against the dark arts and Hagrid was the professor of the care of magical creatures.

Hagrid didnt have to say much since most of the students were already familiar with him.

As for Professor Lupin, the students who had experienced the Dementors attack on the train applauded even though he was dressed very shabbily, everyone was delighted to finally have a proper Professor for defense against the dark arts.

Even Malfoy, Goyle and Crabbe applauded but they soon stopped.

Ivan saw Snape staring at Professor Lupin.

The expression on Snapes face seemed a little irritated, the look on his face wode make any person shudder.

Next Dumbledore announced that the Ministry of Magic has stationed Dementors on the school grounds and everybody should stay clear of the dementors since they would take any action of not cooperation as provocation and attack.

When Dumbledore finished, the atmosphere turned heavy.

Chapter end

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