Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 118: Battle with the Werewolf

Chapter 118: Battle with the Werewolf

Hermione rushed into the shop, and it was empty.

The room was very dark, and Crookshanks jumped to the counter between two thin candles burning half-half. Their light was dim in the dark room.

Next to the candles, there was a cup of coffee that was still steaming hot. The chair in front of the counter was on its back, and a few newspapers were scattered on the ground. That all told, without words, about the haste of the owners departure.

Come in, Evan! Hermione quickly looked around, trying to find something that would help them resist the werewolf. She said anxiously, Professors will come soon, we must keep on

She hadnt finished her words when she heard a loud bang behind her.

She hurried back and saw that Evan didnt follow her in. He actually closed the door behind her.

Hermione was taken aback and immediately understood Evans purpose behind this: He wanted to protect her. He wanted to stop the werewolf outside on his own!

No, no! Hermiones eyes widened suddenly, and she hurried to the door, pushing it in panick.

The store door was not budging as it was locked by Evan from the outside.

Alohomora! Hermione gasped violently, she had fear in her heart that she never felt before. She was worried about Evans safety.

To her, the monster outside was almost invincible.

With Evan staying outside, it wont take the beast too long before he kills him, she could not let that happen. She franticly hit the lock with her wand.

With a click, the door lock was opened.

Hermione used all her power to push it outwards, but it was useless. Although the door was unlocked, Evan blocked it with his own body and she could not make it budge.

Outside the shop, Evan used his thin body to build the last line of defense between the werewolf and his lover.

Come in, Evan! Hermione kept on shedding tears, she collapsed and fell to the floor. She shouted with a horrible voice. Please, come in! Come! You cant deal with that monster alone. You will be killed.

Outside the shop, Evans back was against the door.

He heard a sore, horrified voice from Hermione. His heart was almost stopping beating. He could feel her hitting the door behind him and wanting to save him

No, No, dont let her out!

This is too dangerous for her, you must protect her.

Hermione was right, if they can hold Greyback off for enough time, the professors who got the news will eventually come over.

But before that, he cannot let this monster approach her.

This is his responsibility, his duty as a man.

Evan might not be able to explain his actions. All he knew was that when you like someone so much, you must protect them in times of danger.

He took a deep breath and made up his mind.

From now on, this battle was his, alone.

Even if he was shredded by Greyback, even if he became a werewolf, he would never, absolutely never let him pass.

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Here is his battlefield. Behind this door is his last line.

Evan held his wand steadily at the approaching werewolf. The light at its tip became brighter and brighter. He waved his wand and cast several spells.

Before the silvery lights shot from Evans wand, Greyback did not flicker, and his mouth made a terrible growl. He was hit by a spell, he flew backwards, and then he rose up from the ground rushing over with an even faster pace.

Turning into a werewolf has caused Greyback to lose all his senses.

He is now just a monster who knows nothing but biting and killing; he does not seem to feel any pain.

Evans curse left a scar on Greyback. Just like before, it did not stop him.

Instead, it further infuriated him.

He was getting closer, and under the moonlight, Evan was even starting to be able to see his own reflection in the beasts big yellow crazy eyes.

Greyback rushed over at a terrific speed, and Evan sent another spell that hit him, making him bleed.

By now, he had so blood all over his body that not a single one of his scars could be seen. Yet after being hit by Evans spell, he was getting braver and more and more crazy.

This is what werewolves are like. When in their human form, they, like ordinary wizards, can communicate with others in a normal way. Many of them are as gentle and rational as Professor Lupin.

But after transforming, they become the most dangerous magical creatures in the magic world.

In Newt-Scamanders Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, werewolves are right at the top when it comes to how dangerous they are. Their danger level is comparable to some other magical creatures such as fire dragons, basilisks, centaurs, quintapeds, chimaeras, and so on

A werewolf can handle dozens of adult wizards at a time. As their leader, Greyback is the most brutal and fiercest of them. It should be impossible for such a young wizard of the age of Evan to handle him.

The masked wizard on the other hand had stopped attacking. He stood there with his wand and it seemed like he was waiting there to see Evan being shattered by Greyback.

Evan leaned back against the shop breathing heavily, behind him was Hermione crying.

She was still pushing the door, never giving up, and yelling Evans name even after her voice went hoarse.

In front of them, Greyback was approaching steadily.

Evan stopped his attacks. With his levels of magical power, if he continued to use such spells to attack Greyback, he would be only wasting whatever he had left in him.

He looked as if he had given up completely, but the light at the tip of his wand was getting brighter and brighter.

Evans eyes were still locking Greyback, as all his magical power was being gathered on his wand.

Since ordinary spells have limited damage on werewolves, he thought of resorting to black magic.

As long as it could protect Hermione, Evan would not hesitate to use the evilest, most taboo spells he could find. He was watching the werewolf getting closer and closer, and he knew he had no way out.

In the biting wind, the bloody monster Greyback rushed over to Evan.

He waved his claws wanting to shred the boy in front of him.

He wanted to tear the boys throat open. He couldnt wait to taste his blood.

Looking at Greyback getting closer, Evan was motionless. He could smell the pungent odor of blood coming his way. All his body shuddered, but his right hand holding his wand was as steady as rock. He was ready to use a dark magic that he had not yet fully mastered, which would consume all his remaining power. He had one chance to do it, and failure meant death.

He must wait for the opportunity; Greyback must get close enough to him!

Doing this is tantamount to gambling his own life. It was either ripping the werewolf apart, or being torn up himself.

For Hermiones sake, Evan will not retreat. He saw Greybacks deformed, sharp fangs closing in on his neck.

Just then, he jerked his wand up and pointed at the werewolfs head, emitting a deep blue light.

Chapter end

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