Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 412

Chapter 412


The first time he moved was when he was fighting Satan.


No matter how much he cut, his body wouldn't break. Eventually, Satan came into YuWon's range and began to fight using his robust body.

'It's really tough.'

Satan didn't have special abilities.

In fact, in terms of technical skills, YuWon far exceeded Satan. The only idea Satan had was to "approach."

That's how physically strong he was, and that meant he didn't need strategies, tactics, or technical skills.


Despite cutting him with his sword, there was only a dull sound.

It meant the sword couldn't penetrate Satan's skin.

'There's no need to rush.'


YuWon's sword was surrounded by black flames.

Dark attribute flames surrounded the sword.

The destructive properties of darkness and fire continued to erode and weaken Satan's body.

'We have plenty of time.'

The fight with Satan was challenging at that time, considering YuWon's current skill level.

At that time, he hadn't received the body-strengthening ritual yet, and although the difference in Arcane Power wasn't that great, the difference in physical ability was like that of a child and an adult.

However, it didn't mean he couldn't win.

'I think it's slower and weaker than it used to be. Maybe it's because it's missing a wing.'


Kim YuWon slightly moved to dodge the fist that passed by him.

Thanks to Golden Cinder Eyes and the Sensory Field, he could dodge more easily, but...

'His speed and strength are clearly lower than they used to be.'

While his body remained robust, the blow of losing an arm and a wing seemed to have been greater than expected.

He came to this point, so it was natural for Satan's ranking to drop.

'I'll take him to a long game and gradually push him away.'

YuWon was drawing the fight with Satan that way in his head when...

['Egg' squirms]

Danpung that had turned into an Egg reacted for the first time.



He was surprised and reacted a little late, almost receiving Satan's punch.

YuWon quickly regained his composure.

The fight was like walking on a tightrope. If his concentration relaxed, the situation could change in an instant.

At that moment...

Behind Satan, a giant mouth appeared.

It was a familiar sight.


['Amorphous Chaos' shows its teeth]

YuWon was startled by the warning that appeared in his head.

The name has changed.

Amorphous Chaos.

The shape didn't change completely, but the true name hidden behind the name was revealed: Predator.


With teeth that looked capable of devouring Satan in one bite, the creature took him into its mouth and closed its palate.

However, weakened as he was, Satan was still a High-Ranker within the top 20.

Satan resisted with his one arm, preventing Predator's jaws from closing.

Burr, burr *

Satan's arm trembled.

But that was just for a moment.

YuWon wasn't so slow as to miss the opportunity that presented itself.

[The power of a Giant resides in your arms]

['The Uranus Heart' creates a Lightning Bolt]

Crack, craack-le.

A Lightning Bolt formed in his hand.

The muscles of his right arm, holding the Lightning Bolt, swelled like a spring, and YuWon's body bent backward like a bow.

A shooting posture.

The moment the Lightning Bolt left YuWon's hand...

Kwalung *

The Lightning Bolt went perfectly through Satan's body.


Satan's body trembled.

Originally, it was a blow that could have been easily resisted.

Although the Lightning Bolt was charged with a considerable amount of Arcane Power, unless Nir was activated, it would be difficult to inflict a fatal blow to Satan.


From the beginning, YuWon's attack had no intention of inflicting a fatal wound on Satan's body.

It was enough if he could create a gap for a short period of time.

Amorphous Chaos soon completely enveloped Satan's body, whose arms suddenly lost strength after being hit by the Lightning Bolt.


YuWon looked at the Predator that had appeared around him.

He thought the Predator was merely hungry and asking to be taken out, but it seemed not to be that simple.

['Amorphous Chaos' is claiming hunger]Ne/w novel chaptrs are published on no/vel(/bin(.)co/m

['Amorphous Chaos' is showing its teeth to an unknown enemy]

It wasn't just that it was hungry.

Beyond that, certain emotions like hostility and anger were shared and flowed towards YuWon.

Ubbo-Sathla in front of him seemed to waver.

It wasn't a response of fear, but rather of surprise.


"Do you know anything about this guy?" YuWon asked.

Ubbo-Sathla didn't respond.

Its eyes were fixed solely on the Predator behind YuWon.

Naturally, the Predator didn't respond.

First of all, it didn't have high expectations.

"Do as you please," YuWon said with a chilling approval.


Drawing a thick, black line, the Predator passed by YuWon. Running straight towards Ubbo-Sathla, it opened its mouth as if about to devour the slab.


Several arms came out of Ubbo-Sathla. Then, a viscous and irregular substance began to pour out.

Cheolpeok, cheolpeok~

The tentacles wrapped around the Predator. It looked as if the teeth of the Predator, which had been shown earlier, quivered as if they were about to touch something hot.

But that was also for a moment.

The sticky substances clinging to the body of the Predator melted. They disappeared as if they had never existed, not even turning into vapor.

And at that moment...


YuWon, who approached behind Ubbo-Sathla, lifted his sword.

[Eyes of Foreknowledge]

Eyes of Foreknowledge. Eyes that looked through dozens, hundreds of thousands of futures.

Thanks to that, YuWon was able to sneak up behind Ubbo-Sathla without it noticing.


Arcane Power concentrated at the tip of the sword.

It was just a simple "cut."

It was different from the way YuWon had been fighting so far. It wasn't a skill, but his own "cut."

Of course, it wasn't an amazing skill in comparison.

First of all, it wasn't a comparison. Most of Asura's skills were achieved through acquiring abilities through martial arts, rather than hidden pieces or rewards through Trials.

It didn't suit YuWon, who needed results in a short period of time.



Holy Fire surrounded the sword's tip.

At the same time, YuWon followed Asura's teachings and cut with his sword.

"Remember the feeling of passing instead of the feeling of cutting."


The sword's branches spread like a spider's web.

It wasn't cutting, but passing through.

Not wielding the sword with the hand, but with the back of the hand.

Only then could YuWon wield the sword at a speed beyond his limit.


YuWon's sword cut through Ubbo-Sathla.

Ubbo-Sathla tore apart.

Watching from a slightly distant place, Hercules frowned as he looked at YuWon.

"Is that exactly what we were looking for?"

The Asura techniques.

Hercules' own transformation into a Giant.

And even Son OhGong's Golden Cinder Eyes.

It was an appearance that came very close to Perfection. Originally, this complete existence that had all of this in his hands was exactly what Hercules and his companions expected to see with the help of the Clock Movement.

But unfortunately...

"It's a little disappointing."

YuWon's appearance didn't meet Hercules' expectations.

It was only natural.

YuWon wasn't complete yet. In fact, he was somewhere in the middle of the process of becoming complete, so to speak.


"Still, that's..."

Hercules' gaze shifted towards the Predator that was tearing and devouring Ubbo-Sathla's body with its teeth exposed.

Crunch, crunch...

"I don't know what it is, but it's definitely threatening."

Looking at it made his body tremble. Although it wasn't a significant threat to the current Hercules, instinctively, his heart pounded heavily.

There was a fundamental difference.

At the moment, it had only shown its teeth, but he could feel that its true form was much larger than what was in front of him.

Crunch, crunch...

The Predator was devouring Ubbo-Sathla.

YuWon, who had been focused on wielding his sword, was surprised to see the Predator.

"Hey, if you eat it all..."

YuWon reached out to the Predator's teeth and urged it to spit out.

This would have been unthinkable in the past.

But for quite some time, YuWon had confirmed that this thing was not his enemy.

"Spit it out quickly!"


The Predator, which hesitated for a moment due to YuWon's blow, spat out the slab it had in its mouth.

YuWon quickly picked up the slab and breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it didn't appear to have been damaged or torn in any way.

"The problem now is to read it."

YuWon looked at the characters on the slab.

It was a font he had never seen before. Of course, he didn't know all the languages of all races, but this was the first time he had seen characters with this appearance.

Fortunately, Players had a convenient function called "System" that allowed them to communicate between different races from different worlds.


[Information inaccessible.]

[Information inaccessible.]

[Information inaccessible...]


[This information is not provided in the Trial.]

It couldn't be translated.

It wasn't a problem of interpretation; it seemed that the text couldn't be read in the Trial.

"Maybe we need the original version."

After all, this is just a simulation and not the real thing.

Although the slab that Ubbo-Sathla had in its possession has been recreated, it seems that the Trial doesn't provide the characters from that slab.

Could it be that these characters are especially difficult?

Or perhaps the problem lies with the Trial framework itself.

"At the end of the day, we have to find the real one."

There was no message or stat increase related to the Predator that ate Ubbo-Sathla, which was a little disappointing. However, there was still a notable achievement.

"Now I can summon it again."

He didn't know if this would be a temporary thing, or if it would act unpredictably like during the fight with Satan. However, he confirmed that this individual with the name "Amorphous Chaos" had a strong grudge against the Outer Gods. That was already an achievement.

YuWon dropped the slab on the ground. In the end, if he couldn't read it, there was no point in keeping it.



Breaking it was no problem.

["Ubbo-Sathla Fragment Defeated"]

"As I expected."

The message he was waiting for.

This slab was the true form of Ubbo-Sathla. No matter how many parasites inside his body he killed, Ubbo-Sathla didn't even get a scratch. And at the same time...

"I'm not dead yet."


The voice of the individual resonated from within Ubbo-Sathla's body.

The corners of YuWon's lips raised.

It was a story he knew very well.

"I understand. You're quite resilient."

The shattered slab on the ground was just one of the many pieces he possessed.

There were still a few more pieces.

"But, aren't you forgetting something important?"

From the ceiling, a voice caught YuWon's attention and turned to Hercules, who, like him, was smiling.

"Why are only the two of us here?"


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