Martial God Asura – Chapter 84 Bow of Hundred Transformations

Chapter 84 Bow of Hundred Transformations

MGA: Chapter 84 Bow of Hundred Transformations

After hearing Chu Fengs words, Su Mei was dumbfounded. She was deeply attracted towards Chu Feng, attracted to that type of grandeur. A strange feeling was created. It was her feeling that Chu Feng was not lying and he could really do everything that he said.

Little Mei, I know you wont be like Situ Yu and the others, but the truth is that I did offend Gong Luyun. So, I dont want to spread my trouble to you. Suddenly, Chu Feng spoke.

Chu Feng, what do you mean? The things that happened originated from me. If it wasnt for me...You would have never done those things. Because of me, you suffered from such a huge grievance. If I left you, would I even be a person?

Indeed, Gong Luyun does have quite some influence in the core zone. But I, Su Mei, am not afraid of him. Not only inside of the Azure Dragon School, even outside, I am not afraid of him either. Su Mei firmly said.

Seeing Su Mei act like that, Chu Feng really did not know what to do. Was Su Mei afraid of Gong Luyun? Of course she was. After all, in the core zone, it was Gong Luyuns world. Even her elder sister, Su Rou, might not be able to beat Gong Luyun.

But perhaps because she was afraid could she say those words so firmly. Chu Feng could not bear to convince her otherwise because he did not want to betray Su Meis kind feelings.

Fine, I really dont know what to do with you. Since its like this, come with me to the Martial Skill Building and lets take a look.

Sure. I was just thinking of cultivating rank 5 skills.

At that instant, Su Mei became that lively and cheerful girl as she ran out while jumping and bouncing. Chu Feng also followed up along the road.

The core zone was extremely big but there were only 2000 disciples or so within it. So, after things happened, news spread extremely quickly. For example, the arranged battle between Chu Feng and Gong Luyun spread throughout the core zone in a short amount of time.

In addition, Chu Fengs appearance and name was already hung on the announcement boards. So, many people had an impression of Chu Feng and on the road towards the Martial Skill Building, almost all the people that saw Chu Feng pointed at him and endlessly discussed.

Chu Feng already expected that situation so he did not pay any attention to it. Su Mei was the same and the two of them talked and laughed as they entered the Martial Skill Building and started to choose the martial skills they wanted.

Although the Martial Skill Building in the core zone was a lot smaller than the one in the inner court as it only had one floor, it was very refined. The worst skills were only rank 3 skills and the best were rank 5 skills.

Of course, other than martial skills, there were even mysterious techniques. But, they were only beginning level mysterious techniques. To the two of them who cultivated in the Breathing Techniques, they were not that useful so their main goal was to choose a martial skill book.

Rank 5 martial skill, Bow of Hundred Transformations. What a strange name.

After circling around, Chu Feng was attracted towards a book called the Bow of Hundred Transformations. He couldnt help but flip through it, and as he looked, Chu Feng liked it even more.

It was a type of condensation martial skill and the controlling difficulty towards spiritual energy was extremely high. It expelled spiritual energy out of the body and condensed it into weapons for battle. According to what one liked, they could condense it to various shapes.

Knives, spears, swords, halberds, hatchets, battleaxes, hooks, pitchforks, tridents, sticks, lances, clubs, whips, truncheon, hammers, claws. All sorts of weapon shapes could be condensed and formed. The book was even equipped with the attacking sequences of the weapons.

But the hardest to condense was the bow. If the bow was condensed and created, it could use spiritual energy as the arrows and shoot them for over 10 miles. The speed was extremely fast and almost no one could dodge it. It was an extremely impressive method.

So, that was why the Bow of Hundred Transformations, within the rank 5 skills, could be counted as a first-class martial skill. Naturally, the cultivation difficulty was very high as well.

This one. After finalizing it, Chu Feng took the book and registered it. After waiting for Su Mei to choose a martial skill, the two of them walked out of the Martial Skill Building.

But the instant that they walked out of the Martial Skill Building, over 20 core disciples were gathered there. All of the faces of the core disciples were not kind and at that moment, they already surrounded the two people and blocked their escape.

What are you doing? Seeing the core disciples that surrounded them, Su Mei frowned and loudly questioned.

She intentionally spoke louder. After all, they were still at the entrance of the Martial Skill Building. So, she wanted to draw the Martial Skill Building elder out and get his help.

But it was in vain. The elder clearly heard Su Meis yell yet completely ignored her. On the other hand, the disciples within the Martial Skill Building ran out and started observing.

You are Su Mei, Su Rous younger sister right? One of the disciples went up and asked.

Is there a problem? Su Meis face was icy cold.

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Hoho, I hear that you had medium-rank talent and thats already quite rare even within the core zone. With your talent, Im sure that in the future, your name could be seen on the Azure Dragon Leaderboard.

But, with your talent, why are you together with this guy? Theres nothing good about walking so close to him. Another male disciple laughed and said.

I stay together with whoever I wish to. This is my own matter and it has nothing to do with any of you. Su Mei coldly said.

Ho. Su Mei, I was just advising you with a kind heart but I never would have thought that you would be so ungrateful. Since it has come to this, Ill say the truth. Chu Feng offended senior Gong and he cant continue going on this way in the core zone.

Today, were here give this arrogant brat a lesson for senior Gong. I hope that you stay a bit farther away from him or else you cant blame us for harming you. That male disciples face also became darker and colder.

Youre giving me a lesson to help Gong Luyun, or are you using that as an excuse to give me a lesson so that Gong Luyun would have a better impression on you?

Trash are indeed trash. Perhaps only all of you could think of that method just to lick Gong Luyuns boots. But, Im afraid that you wont even be able to do that. Just at that time, Chu Feng suddenly coldly smiled. The gazes that he cast towards the crowd was full of disdain and contempt.

Although the group of people were not weak, they were not strong either. They only had the strength of the 8th and 9th level of the Spirit realm. Within the inner court, they would absolutely be counted as the tip, but within the core zone, they were existences at the bottom.

So, Chu Feng could guess the reason why they were looking for trouble. Without a doubt, they were trying to use this to attract Gong Luyuns attention and to gain better impressions. However, with their strength, Chu Feng did not even put them in his eyes.

Chapter end

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