Mutated Tao – Chapter 2: Li Huowang

Chapter 2: Li Huowang

Phew, Ive finally returned, Li Huowang sighed in relief before calling out into the microphone installed at the headboard.

A few moments passed before his attending physician came into the room, holding a white tablet. The physician was accompanied by a nurse.

How are you feeling, Little Li? Are there any changes in the hallucinations? The doctor sat on a stool and asked in a kind voice.

In the hallucination, I was stuck in the same place and doing the same thing as last time. However, this time, that bald master cruelly killed a person right in front of me and attempted to use her body parts to refine a pill, Li Huowang described his hallucinations in detail.

Mm-hmm. The attending physician nodded, taking notes on the tablet.

Li Huowang thought about something and hesitated before asking, Doctor, what do you mean when you say a different hallucination? How does it reflect my psychological and subconscious status? Does all of it mean something?

No, you do not need to care about such things. It is much more important to take note of how long your hallucinations last as well as your mental stability, the doctor shook his head and avoided the question.

Since this is a hallucination, you must always remember that it is not real. You have already recovered from your psychosensory disorder, so you must not regress.Everytime you enter a hallucination, you must always follow the logic of that world. With the help of our treatment, you should be able to recover soon.

Li Huowangs heart pounded upon hearing this. This was the key to being discharged from the hospital, so he could not afford to be careless.

Meanwhile, the doctor did not forget to cheer his patient up.

Actually, youve already recovered quite a lot. When you were admitted, you couldnt even differentiate between the real world and your hallucinations. You are on track to recovery, so keep it up. Keep fighting!

While the two of them were conversing, the soft sound of footsteps echoed from the direction of the door.

Both of them turned at the same time and saw a girl peeking into the room. She was wearing a black turtleneck.

She looked to be sixteen or seventeen, an age where she was like a flower ready to blossom.

Her skin was white as jade, her straight black hair covering her shoulders like a dark waterfall. She looked as pretty as a flower in bloom.

Both teenagers wanted to say something, but no words came out.

Meanwhile, the doctor chuckled; he knew what was going on and so he just adjusted his glasses and promptly left the room.

I still have something to do, so I will leave the two of you alone. Oh right, dont forget to take your medicine on time, Little Li.

As soon as the doctor left, the young girl walked into the room. Both of them smiled at each other as Li Huowang felt a warm feeling in his heart. All his concerns about his illness were quickly forgotten.

Stop smiling. You look ugly when you smile like that. I brought you a little something Its the homework assigned to us by our dear teacher! The girl smiled slyly, revealing a sling bag made from cloth behind her.

Seeing this, Li Huowangs smile disappeared immediately. Nana, we are childhood friends! Is this how you are going to repay me?

Yang Na turned around and closed the door before taking out a portable game console and waving it in front of him cheekily. Of course theres also this! Call me big sister, and I will give it to you! Hehe~

Big Sis! My dear sister! You are my one and only big sister. Li Huowang excitedly ran up to her and took the gaming console from her hand.

He was bored out of his mind staying within this psychiatric hospital. It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that he might end up going crazy from boredom.

Dont play too much and make sure to do your homework. Yang Na sat beside the bed and reminded Li Huowang.

Yeah, yeah. said Li Huowang, while fully concentrating on the flashing screen.

Her white, slender fingers tugged at his blue and white hospital gown as she said, Hey, dont forget about our promise.

Li Huowang momentarily paused his game and looked up at her. His face was filled with determination as he said, Yeah, we promised each other that we will enter the same university.

Seeing him staring at her with such determination, Yang Na lowered her head shyly, and her voice became as soft as a mosquito as she said, Ok. Please recover soon. I will be waiting for you.

Li Huowang suddenly pulled her into his embrace.

Her face was red, but she did not stop him. She just closed her eyes and whispered pervert under her breath.

Both of them did not move. They were already content even if all they got to do was just hug like this.

After they had spent some time together, Yang Na had to leave. She was now in her third year of high school, a very important year of her life. It was a luxury to free up half a day from her schedule.

While her visits were short, Li Huowang always appreciated them. To him, she was a ray of sunlight in his miserable life.

Let me send you out. Li Huowang stood up from his bed, still in his blue and white hospital gown and wore the white sandals that were prepared for him by the hospital.

Just as he walked her to the door, he felt that something was wrong. He noticed a mortar on the table beside his bed.

Li Huowang took two steps back in surprise. When he checked again, he saw that the mortar had transformed into his meal box.

Are you ok? Looking at how startled he was, Yang Na started getting concerned.

Seeing her worried face, Li Huowang grinned mischievously. Haha! Fooled you! Were you scared?

Yang Na puffed out her cheeks in anger and pinched his waist. You are already so old yet still like to act like a child. To think you would pull a childish prank like this.

Wait, dont be mad. I was just trying to cheer you up. He tried to grab her hands, but she easily shook him off.

After multiple attempts, he finally succeeded in grabbing her hands.

When the other patients who were sunbathing in the courtyard saw both of them, they grinned. Ah, how good must it be to be young and in love~

They walked quite slowly but still arrived at the entrance soon enough.

Standing at the entrance, Yang Na turned and looked at him reluctantly. I will come back again next week, so please be well.

No, you dont need to come. I know that you must be under immense stress due to all the studying you have to do right now. You only have half a day off every week. Dont waste it on me.

Yang Na raised her feet and gently stepped on Li Huowangs sandals, her lashes fluttering gently as she blinked.

You dummy. Dont try to make it sound like I cant handle it. I have never dropped from the top three spots in our class, so I have never had any stress.

Aaa~ Li Huowang held his chest, showing a pained expression, such harsh words, my lady.

Yang Na chuckled and lightly punched him before leaving the hospital. She then walked toward the bus station just across the hospital.

Li Huowang stood at the entrance of the hospital until she got on the bus and disappeared from his view. Slowly, the smile on his face disappeared.

He was concerned about what he had just seen, and so he quickly went to the doctors office.

An hour later, Li Huowang was turning and tossing in his bed. He was concerned about his future with Yang Na.

A new set of medications had been prescribed to him and was now placed on his table.

The mortar that he had seen, as well as Yang Nas smile, were constantly on his mind.

What if my illness worsens? What if I am not discharged before the National Higher Education Entrance Examination? Then I would not be able to enter the same university as Yang Na.

Even though he was stuck within the hospital, he still knew about the rumors. In the eyes of the people outside, he was nothing but a crazy man.

To think that his childhood friend, Yang Na, would confess to him a day before he was admitted to the hospital, despite knowing that something was wrong with him.

Yang Na is an amazing girl, so as a man, I must not let her down.

This cant be right. Ive been following the doctors orders, so why have my hallucinations been getting worse? Should I transfer to another hospital? But this is already my third one.

There should be nothing wrong with Doctor Lis treatment. Dad had told me that he was the best.

All these thoughts continued to plague his mind before he finally gave up on thinking and sat up. Vissit novelbin(.)c.m for updates

He took out the textbooks and exercise books that Yang Na had delivered to him and started studying. He wanted to use complex theorems to drown out his ever-growing thoughts.

Late into the night, he started completing his homework.

After completing a mock exam sheet for English, he stretched his back and rubbed his temples.

Yawn~ What time is it? It should be pretty late. Li Huowang wore his slippers before heading to the toilet. He needed to sleep soon.

Just as he walked toward the toilet while yawning and scratching his chest, his right hand felt something weird and paused.

He looked down at his gown and saw something black and sticky stuck to his chest.

That color looked quite familiar.

Suddenly, a thought flashed across his mind.

He touched the object and licked his finger. A bitter taste that was accompanied by a hint of sweetness caused his pupils to shrink in surprise.

This was the piece of candy that the mentally challenged disciple had given to him!

An object that should have only existed in his hallucination had appeared in reality!

Chacha and Chars Thoughts

So... He can travel between worlds? Thats wild.

Chapter end

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