Mutated Tao – Chapter 52: Dan Yangzi

Chapter 52: Dan Yangzi

Thunder? Jian Dun and the rest of the Buddhas looked toward the sky, only to see that the moon had disappeared. The entire night sky was covered in dark clouds, rolling and rumbling. The sound of thunder could be heard rumbling from time to time, but it was odd; it didnt sound like thunder at all.

Cough-cough Li Huowang coughed a few times as his breathing turned ragged, and he fell to the ground. When he turned to look at the sky while lying down, he once again saw his Master amidst the dark clouds.

He was still as ugly as ever.

Black feathers sprouted from his bloody body, while three different faces replaced what had once been his head. In addition to his normal human organs, his burgeoning body was also riddled with many non-human organs. His body was nightmarishly black; his eyes were filled with a mysterious liquid, while his pupils were mere slits. Tentacles covered parts of his body.

Everything about him was vile.

Even so, a mysterious veil made from white smoke hung around his body, as if he was something divine. His body was in a constant state of shifting and turninghis body shifted as his organs moved around and his faces changed position.

Li Huowang had only been staring at Dan Yangzi for a short period of time when his eyes started bleeding, and veins started bulging on his head. He felt like his head was going to explode.

No! I cannot stare at him anymore.

Li Huowang shifted his gaze away, feeling slightly better. His body had weakened considerably in just this short while. However, even if his life was no longer in danger from looking at Dan Yangzi, his blood loss might end up killing him soon.

He weakly patted his waist and fished out some of the Blood Nourishing pills and consumed them with his last remaining strength. The rate at which blood flowed out of his wound gradually slowed down.

But this was not enough.

Li Huowang then took out some pills meant to reinforce the energy of his body before eating them.

At that moment, the sudden sound of muscles being torn caused Li Huowang to look up once again. He saw that his Master, Dan Yangzi, had started attacking and had attached himself to one of the Buddhas heads like a lizard, his three mouths easily tearing off its ears.

Bellowing in rage, the numerous arms on the Buddhas back tried to claw at and capture Dan Yangzi. But Dan Yangzi shifted all of his organs and forcefully expanded them, using them to block the attacks from the Buddha.

Then, Dan Yangzi used his three mouths to tear an even larger hole on the Buddhas face before shoving his head right in.

AAAAAH! The Buddha shouted in despair as its body started deflating. Soon, it fell down onto the ground, blood seeping out from all seven of its orifices.

When the bloodied Dan Yangzi reappeared in front of the other Buddhas, Jian Dun did not dare to look down on him. Jian Dun immediately took out a parchment and started chanting the mantra written on it. Rather than using ink, the words of the mantra were given form by using an uncountable number of moles pulled from the skin of humans.

An~Ma~Ni~Pa~Mi~Hou~ As Jian Dun sat cross-legged and spoke these six words, the mantra on the parchment flashed red and disappeared before appearing on Dan Yangzis body.

As soon as Dan Yangzi became covered in the numerous words, his body started trembling and growing wildly. His body grew larger and larger before it started withering. It withered so fast that soon, Dan Yangzi disappeared completely.

Jian Duns face was drenched in sweat as he let out a relieved sigh. Fortunately, he had prepared that mantra just in case something unexpected happened. Had he not, then he wouldve died.

Then he chanted the mantra in reverse, causing the words to start reappearing on the parchment in his hand.

After confirming that all the words were there, Jian Dun was just about to close the parchment when it exploded. Then, amidst the words that were sent flying everywhere, Dan Yangzi crawled out from the parchment.

This was something that no one had expected. Jian Dun gasped in surprise, allowing Dan Yangzi the chance to shoot himself into Jian Duns mouth like a drill and travel down his throat.

Soon, the sound of tearing could be heard as Jian Duns throat started to bulge. However, this was only the beginning.

Soon, the pain became unbearable as Jian Dun started hearing a chewing sound from within his body!

NOOO! Jian Dun cried out in despair as Dan Yangzi burst out from his chest.

Meanwhile, the other three Buddhas continued to struggle to no avail. In just a few moments, the sound of bone cracking and flesh being torn resounded through the forest. Within just a few minutes, all seven Buddhas had disappeared, leaving behind only the steaming puddles of blood.

When Li Huowang finally had the chance to once again gaze at Dan Yangzi, he saw his Master turn around and show a horrifying smile on all three of his mouths as he said, My dear disciple.


With a soft sound, Dan Yangzis body disappeared like smoke in the wind.

Time slowly passed, and soon, the moon reappeared, covering the forest in a soft silver veil. Everything had ended.

Li Huowang grabbed his neck and forced himself to sit up. He saw the others that were still trapped within the crude cage made by Jian Dun. All of them were shocked and didnt even dare to speak.

Li Huowang had an idea as to what they were thinking and weakly explained to them, No need to be afraid. Dan Yangzi is well and truly dead. He wont use all of you as guiding drug ingredients anymore.

However, Li Huowangs words did not reduce their fear. In fact, some of them even started crying.Gett your avorite ovels at no/v/e/lbn(.)com

It was Bai Lingmiao who broke the silence first, her face even paler than usual. Senior Li, what Dan Yangzi? We didnt see anything.

Li Huowang struggled to swallow his saliva. Did you not see Dan Yangzi killing the Buddhas? Was he invisible to all of you?

Li Huowang thought that it might be a possibility.

But just then, Puppys entire body started trembling from fear and shock. He didnt dare to look at Li Huowang as he closed his eyes and shouted in a trembling voice, Senior Li! There is no Dan Yangzi! It was you all along!

What? Li Huowang endured the pain and touched his face; there was some sticky goo covering him.

He continued touching his face and found that both of his cheeks had been torn open, as if he had opened his mouth to an impossibly large size.

But none of that was important.

What was important was that he felt full. Really full.

Chacha and Char's Thoughts

So Dan Yangzi is somehow still alive and will appear if MC life is in danger, but other people can't see Dan Yangzi?

Chapter end

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