Swordmaster's Youngest Son – Chapter 36: Mamit Lawless Zone (1)

Chapter 36: Mamit Lawless Zone (1)

The Mamit Lawless Zone was a region where all kinds of criminals and offenders gathered.

There were even rumours around the world that due to the evil energy these lawbreakers emitted, this criminal-infested land was so desolate that no plants could grow on it.

But it was no rumour. Mamit was, in actual fact, a barren wasteland where not a single strand of grass grew.

The scorching sun that glared down on the area.

The criminals that crawled around in the small city like disgusting insects.

There was no gateway to enter the city. There was only a broken signpost surrounded by rubbish. And once you walked past that signpost, you were inside Mamit.

Here comes a newcomer, you sons of bitches!

A hulking man shouted as he barged inside one of the pubs in the center of the city. He was carrying an equally large and terrifying iron mace on his back.

Bwahaha! Newcomer my ass. I bet youre back cuz you were put on the wanted list again. Freaking hell, are you a salmon or something? Stop coming back all the time!

The people inside the pub cheered joyfully as they all recognized the hulking man. Mocking someone until one loses their voice, pointing fingers, and throwing entire mugs of beer are Mamits traditional yet peculiar ways of greeting others.

Crash! Smash! Clang!

The thick mugs smashed into the newcomers head and chest. The glass fragments covered the floor along with a sea of beer. Nevertheless, the barman didnt even bother glancing at the mess, let alone clean it up.

The hulking man that was hit by countless cups smiled delightfully and grabbed one of the glass shards on the floor.


Soon enough, a sight that one could normally only see in a circus occurred. The man chewed on the piece of glass and swallowed it.

Thats right! Im a salmon. The Great Thonks true birthplace is right here, in Mamit! Drink up, everyone! The drinks are on me today!

Geez, Thonk. What did you do this time that you had to run away and come back here? Cmon, speak up. Lets hear the story.

Kuhaha! I, the Great Thonk, had some fun with a high-class bitch in the Ekan Kingdom.

Oooh! Who was it?

No idea, just some girl from a noble family. And I killed the five guards who came to arrest me. Geez, do they seriously think they can capture me with ordinary guards? They kept sending them as well.

Kuhaha, those **ing morons.

Yep, yep. Thats why I smashed them up like mashed potatoes. About fifty of them? While I was destroying them, I subconsciously headed towards Mamit, and found myself here before I realized it

To Thonks massacre! Cheers!

Cheers! Welcome back home! Its good to see you again!

Gulp, gulp, gulp!

The men were emptying their glasses.

The rowdy craze calmed down as everyone was busy finishing their beers. But in the meantime


One boy entered the bar covered up in a tattered robe.

It was Jin.


Looks like theres a real newcomer this time.

Thonk and the other men exchanged glances, asking each other if anyone knew who this was. But everyone shook their heads.

Thud, thud.

A thick noise echoed every time Jin took a step with his old, ragged boots. He silently crossed the room and sat down next to Thonk.

One glass of cold water. And some simple snacks.

Jin took out one silver coin from his chest pocket and flicked it to the barman.


The barman caught the coin and snorted as if he couldnt believe what was happening. Soon enough, the entire pub roared in laughter.


Wow, I thought I was watching the protagonist of an action novel or something. Look at him. Hes a natural at acting cool!

So? Who are you, hm? Some 9-star knight?

Cant you see? Hes gotta be a legendary swordsman! Pfffft!

The men spouting sarcastic comments all simultaneously changed their expressions. They swiftly stood up and surrounded Jin with menacing grins and chuckles.

Hey, Mr. Newcomer. I, the Great Thonk, am in a good mood today. So lets not get on each others nerves, alright? If you get on your knees and suck on everyones toes right now, I will forgive ykurgh!

Thonk was interrupted before he could even finish his sentence. In fact, he would never be able to finish his sentence ever again because the tip of the dagger Jin had taken out was lodged in Thonks neck.

The hulking man was standing too close to Jin without keeping his guard up, so he didnt even have the time to react to the boys attack. No one had expected this young brat to stab a giant like Thonk in the neck without a speck of hesitation.

Keuk, grrr

Once Jin retracted his dagger, blood gushed out of Thonks wound as he fell to the floor.

A long moment of silence followed. No one uttered a single sound. Jin silently waved his finger at the barman, urging him to bring his cold water and snacks.

Hes gone!

Thonks gone!

I knew this would happen one day, pffft.

Soon enough, the men surrounding Jin scattered around.

They behaved as if the friendly exchanges they had with Thonk until not long ago were a sham and returned to their respective tables, downing beer in their original groups.

This was a common occurrence. No matter how friendly they acted with Thonk, there was no true friendship between them.

Just as Master used to say, this place is filled with lunatics.

The reason they had shown interest in Jin was because he appeared weak. They were curious to know why a boywho seemed to have yet to grow any hair down therehad entered a den of criminals like it was nothing.

However, their questions had found an answer.

Jin killed Thonk with a dagger and, by doing so, gained the approval of the criminals inside the pub. This was how the residents of Mamit truly welcomed a newcomer.

I always seem to be in your debt. Youve been a great help to me, both in my past and present life. I hope the day comes when I get an opportunity to repay you, Master.


The barman placed a glass cup on Jins table. A cup of cold water.

I didnt put in any poison.

Even I know that killing people with poison is a taboo here.

You seem to know a great deal about Mamit despite your youth. Are your parents or siblings familiar with this place?

None of your business.


This time, Jin flicked a gold coin to the barman, who just shrugged in response.

What do you want? Drugs? Theres one product thats been the craze in Mamit recently. Or are you looking for someone?

The latter. Is that enough to cover the fee?

The barman rubbed the coin with a handkerchief and calmly weighed it with his hand. The substantial weight proved that it was a genuine gold coin.

Depends on who youre looking for.

Is there someone who goes by Hister in this area?

No. That, Im certain of.

Jin clicked his tongue as if he were disappointed.

I see. Then just bring over my snacks. And if you could, recommend some inn to stay at tonight. Preferably a place without any bugs.

A place without any bugs signified the safest inn in Mamit.

Then I know just the place. Theres an inn called the Moonlit Well west of the city. The Kings of Mamit reside there, so no need to cause a fuss when you enter.


Jin emptied his plate of rough bread and dry bacon before leaving the pub.


The atmosphere inside the Moonlit Well was vastly different from the pub, since the most influential people of Mamit resided in it. It was surprisingly clean and orderly, just like an ordinary inn outside of Mamit.

It wasnt comparable to a high-class inn in a big city. But at the very least, the clients wouldnt come across lowly criminals who behaved like wild dogs.

Even if hes the Master of the Hidden Palaces lover, hes just the disgrace of the Tzendler Clan. This is the only place where Alkaro Tzendler could stay in the city.

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There was no real need to go down to the underground black market to buy more information on Alkaro.

According to the documents and information sent by the Tzendler Clan to the Runcandels, Alkaro wasnt someone who would be willing to spend the night in a dirty and damp inn. He was a conceited rich brat who hadnt experienced any hardships in life.

Alkaro Tzendler acts obedient to powerful people and overbearing to the weak. He only wants premium goods and services and is obsessed with hedonistic pleasures. The only qualities he has are his good looks and his lineage.

There was only one reason why this fancy-pants was residing in this dangerous city.

It was a superficial scheme trying to regain the Master of the Hidden Palaces attention, as she was recently engrossed in another paramour.

A childish tantrum along the lines of will you really not show any attention to me when Im in such a dangerous place?

But if the Master of the Hidden Palace genuinely paid attention to him and came to Mamit to check on Alkaro now, Jin wouldnt have another opportunity to kill him for a long time. If the Master herself protected Alkaro personally, even Luna wouldnt be able to assassinate him.

That was why the Tzendler Clan had urgently commissioned the Runcandels using this opportunity.

For now, rumours about me will spread around Mamit. Things like some kid killed Thonk as soon as he arrived, and hes looking for someone called Hister, should spread to everyone.

Jin had wreaked havoc in the pub for a reason.

After causing a ruckus in a location where low-ranking informants gathered, he had spread false information, saying that he was looking for Hister. That he had come this far in search of this specific person.

And this rumour would reach the Hidden Palace bodyguards protecting Alkaro within the day. Jin had done this because the bodyguards were most likely checking every customers identity.

In consequence, Jin would naturally be excluded from their prioritized surveillance target. If someone were to come with the goal of assassinating Alkaro, they wouldnt suspect a boy like Jin who wasnt hiding his presence and clumsily trudging along in the city.

The people who had come to assassinate Alkaro so far were all skilled, hired mercenaries. But since I look a lot sloppier, its unlikely theyll suspect me much.

Alkaros bodyguards wouldnt focus on people like Jin who had a clear objective.

In fact, they would be more wary of someone like Thonka criminal who was familiar with the citywho recently returned to Mamit for no apparent reason.

An assassin wants to blend in with the residents and mingle with them, trying not to attract attention. But with how Jin was doing it, he was standing out to be forgotten. As they say, it is darkest under the lamp.

In fact, his strategy worked like magic.

The men who were observing Jin inside the Moonlit Well during the day visibly let down their guards once night fell.

It seems that those three are the Hidden Palace guards protecting Alkaro They appear to be 6-star or stronger. If I face them head-on, I have a very low chance of winning.

If he fully utilized both magic and spiritual power, Jin could somehow deal with one of them. But two or more were impossible.

An entire day went by, but Alkaro was nowhere to be seen. Jin came to the conclusion that Alkaro was constantly staying inside his room, eating the food that his bodyguards were bringing him.

Its impossible to assassinate him by entering his room. There are probably more men standing guard inside at all times. In that case, I need to wait for him to come out.

Jin recalled Alkaros personality as it was written in the documents sent by the Tzendler Clan.

Alkaro Tzendler is obsessed with hedonistic pleasures.

Suddenly, Jin remembered something the barman had told him the day before at the pub.

What do you want? Drugs? Theres one product thats been the craze in Mamit recently.

It was very likely that Alkaro was stuck in his room doing drugs.

Once his thoughts reached that conclusion, Jin wiped his forehead and headed downstairs to the lobby. He was planning on cracking open a cold one and getting to know the others in the lobby.

But once he arrived, he had to prevent his shock and surprise from appearing on his face.

Just why?! Why cant you do it?! You were getting it fine until yesterday!

I cannot do it anymore.

Goddammit! Go get some more, Im telling you!

The young man having a temper tantrum at the center of the lobby was Alkaro Tzendler himself. Jin had memorized his targets face in advance, so he recognized him immediately. It appeared that he was enraged as one of his bodyguards wouldnt get him more of the drugs.

Ah Your typical lowlife douchebag.

Jin smiled maliciously in his mind.

Chapter end

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