Wood Plastic Introduction

About Wood Plastic

Mainly used in building materials, furniture, logistics packaging and other industries

General Trend: Basic State Policy, energy saving and emission reduction, garbage classification and resource utilization, non-waste city "strategic emerging industries guide catalogue" 7.3.6 harmless recycling of waste textiles.

More Resources: Waste Spinning produces more than 20 million tons a year, 200 million tons of stock, supply chain advantages of waste spinning, the project of polyester containing cotton hybrid fibers accounted for more than 80%.

Large market capacity: China's annual production of 300 million pieces of Pallet, China's annual demand of 20 billion square meters of timber, China's annual output of 400 million tons of wood and plastic.

Original Technology: A patent, including the formation of complete sets of technology and equipment, the international leading level, no competitors.

High Profits: Waste Textile materials are almost free, there are government subsidies, innovative products. Light assets, high output. Raw Material Advantage and value-added utilization lead to excess profits, gross profit rate of more than 40%

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In view of the mixed textiles which can only be burned at present, a new idea of material recycling is put forward for the first time as a plastic reinforced material. It realizes the process integration of textile, plastic, rubber and wood plastic. After years of research and exploration, the first set of intelligent demonstration production equipment with an annual output of 3000 tons has been built and has been running continuously for half a year. No solid waste/hazardous waste is generated during the production process. The test results of National Engineering Composite Product Quality Supervision and Testing Center show that all the indexes of fiber-plastic composite are qualified, superior to wood-plastic composite, and no formaldehyde emission. Many applied products have been developed, such as pallets, footpaths, bus shelters, barrier boards, portable toilets and other environmental protection products.

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The first fiber-plastic composite material at home and abroad

Low Carbon, environmental protection: 100% regeneration; 100% recyclable
High Performance: The bending resistance is 100% higher than the new base material

Recycled PE
PE fresh material
Fiber plastic composite
Bending strength /MPa
18 22 42
Bending modulus /MPa
600 900 2500

Low cost: formula cost only for matrix plastics

Existing profile specifications:

Profile name
Size (mm)
Applicable Scenario
The beam
98 ×49
140 ×20/140 ×25/110 ×22
100 ×100
Pavilion, House
The keel
49 ×25

Wide Application

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About His Academic Argument

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Fiber plastic composite new material, leading the new fashion of environmental protection!

Mission: Waste spinning into plastic, so that china's textile and plastic minimum carbon;

Objective: to become a leader in the value-added utilization of waste textile resources, and to build a large-scale industrial cluster of recycling of waste textile;

Intention of cooperation:We can cooperate in any link of the industrial chain, or construct the textile circular economy industrial park together in the textile and Garment Distribution Center