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Classification of artificial leather.

Because the synthetic resin that leatheroid place uses is different, base material kind is different, production technology method is different, have what have foaming and use is different, leatheroid can divide for a lot of kinds. The synthetic resin that presses use now, production technology method and use undertake classification.

1. PVC artificial leather

It is a mixture of polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizing and other complexes, coated or laminated in the fabric, after a certain processing process and made of wake material products. In addition, there are also two sides of the base material are plastic layer of double-sided PVC artificial leather.

2. Polyamide leather

It is made of plastic products with continuous bubble structure by coating the fabric with nylon 6 or nylon 66 solution.

3. Polyolefin artificial leather
Polyethylene artificial leather is a kind of foam leather, which is made of low-density polyethylene resin as the main raw material, mixed with modified resin, crosslinking agent, lubricant, foaming agent and other components.

4. Polyurethane leather
Polyurethane leather is divided into dry polyurethane leather and wet polyurethane leather. The so-called dry polyurethane leather, refers to the solvent based polyurethane resin solution volatilizes the solvent, the multilayer film and the substrate formed by the multi-layer structure. Wet polyurethane leather is a multi-layer structure with good air permeability and moisture permeability, and a continuous porous layer, which is obtained by solvent polyurethane resin and water film forming method. According to the base material class is divided into cotton base, synthetic fiber base and fiber base. Among them, cotton base includes plain cloth, bleached cloth, dyed plain cloth, canvas based leather, knitted cloth based leather and wool cloth based leather; Synthetic fibre wikis include silk spun polyurethane leather and wet single coated polyurethane leather; Fiber fabric includes paper - based PVC leather and non - woven leather.

At present, a large number of substrates used in our country are various types of cotton cloth, such as: plain cloth, bleached cloth, dyed plain cloth, canvas, knitted cloth (including synthetic fiber), wool cloth, recycled cloth, non-woven cloth, etc.; Part of the use of cotton/chemical fiber blended cloth, such as cotton knitted cloth, etc. A small amount of use is chemical fabric, such as: nylon silk, polyester silk, etc.; And the synthetic fiber nonwoven fabric is very few. With China's reform and opening up, technological progress and the rapid development of petrochemical industry, chemical fabric and synthetic fiber non-woven fabric will get a long speed of development.

1. Smear directly scrape artificial leather
The rubber material is directly coated on the pretreated base cloth with a scraper, and then put into the plasticizing box for gelation and plasticizing, and then through embossing, cooling and other processes, the finished product is obtained.

2. Transfer scraping artificial leather

Transfer scraping method is also called indirect scraping method, the carrier used is release paper or stainless steel belt, so it is divided into release paper method and steel belt method. It is the paste with reverse roller or scraper scraping on the carrier, after gelation, and then the base cloth in the case of no tension composite after gelation on the material layer, and then plasticized, cooling, and peel from the carrier, and then after treatment to get the finished product.

3. Rolled and pasted legal artificial leather
According to the requirements of the formula, the resin, plasticizer and other complexes are measured. It is mixed evenly in kneader, then plastised in dense mixer or extruder, and then sent to two-roller or four-roller calender to be calded into film of required thickness and width, which is fitted to the preheated base cloth, and then embossed and cooled to get finished product.

4. Extruded paste legal artificial leather
The resin, plasticizer and other complexes are mixed evenly in the kneader, then plasticized, extruded into a film of a certain thickness and width by the extruder, and then bonded to the preheated base cloth on the two-roller setting machine, and then preheated, coated, embossed and cooled. Get the finished product.

5. Round screen coated artificial leather
Using a scraper, the emulsion polyvinyl chloride paste resin prepared by the formula is coated on the cloth base through a circular net to produce artificial leather.

6. Wet imitation leather

The act is for the purposes of the act below. The definition may be referred to polyphthalamine artificial leather. This method is suitable for the production of wet polyurethane leather, polykuramine leather, etc. Leather can be divided into civil use and industry with two kinds of classification by use. Civil leather: shoe mouth leather, clothing leather, box leather, bag leather, leather, gloves car, furniture grass, etc. Industrial leather: vehicle leather, floor leather and so on.

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