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Nubuck Leather

Feel the nubuck leather, enjoy living together, not easy to lose color, wear first-class. We look forward to being your long-term partner in China...

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Product Description

Factory Direct Sales PU Leather Nubuck Leather Pu Vegan Leather Fabric Jeans Trademark Leather


1. Product Introduction

PU leather nubuck leather PU Vegan Leather

Feature: Abrasion-Resistant, Anti-Mildew, Elastic, Waterproof

Handfeel: Comfortable

Color: Customers' Request


2.ProductParameter (Specification)


Cross-border package weight






50 m/roll


3.Product Feature And Application

Main use: Notebook/album


4.Product Details 

nubuck leathernubuck leathernubuck leathernubuck leathernubuck leathernubuck leather

5.Product Qualification

 nubuck leather

6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving

● The shipment will be arranged within 15 days of payment

 All base prices do not include taxes and require a tax of 7 cents. If the amount prior to the invoice is more than RMB10,000, a public transfer is required.


 About chrom difference

Product pictures are physical images, but due to the impact of distortion technology, light, display parameters and other factors, received real There may be differences between objects and photos. For buyers with higher color requirements, you can apply for customer service Please mail a color sample


 About color cards

For the convenience of our customers, our color cards and samples of large goods are free and are available for you to contact the customer service lucky to want the fabric color you need Card postage is self-care.


 About cut samples

Dispersion is hand-cut by warehouse personnel, some special fabrics are not easy to cut, inevitably there will be skewed edge uneven Phenomenon, cut edge if there is a stripping situation, so that the clothing lock edge will not. Loose shear fabric inevitably drags to the floor and sticks to some dust stains, especially white and light color, for packaging and transport System. Easy cleaning is not a quality issue, not yet. As cutting samples affect secondary sales do not give returns, please consider clear re-shooting, the store promised color cards and fabric quality is the same, such as worry about quality issues, please take color cards and then cut samples. Many people can not cope with the layoff, the warehouse needs to be listed, the lay-off staff will cut you as soon as possible.


 About express delivery

The shipment will be arranged within 15 days of payment and we will arrange the shipment as soon as possible. By default, FedEx specifies that other couriers can contact customer service to change the shipping difference. The default shipping cost may be a bit wrong, if there is an error, after submitting the order passenger service will change the shipping cost according to the weight and region in a timely manner, there is a problem can directly contact the customer service.


 About packaging

Large commodity fabrics will be rolled up and wrapped in clear plastic straps and woven bags, and loose shear fabrics will be simply folded with fast bags Packaging, part of the loose cutting fabric in the packaging process will appear folding , light white fabric rod The phenomenon of dust stains, more normal Oh, we will try to avoid, do not affect the use of fabrics do not come back.



Fabrics belongs to the loss of goods, no quality problems refused, loose shear cloth no quality problems or color differences, small defects, wireheads, personal preferences, can not be used, not satisfied, do not imagine the effect, buy the wrong one's problem, do not accept returns and exchanges.

Q: What is a custom order? Why do I need to get started?

A: PVC Leather 1000 meters from order , PU leather 500 meters order, because this is determined by the machine, leather production line is 300-400 m of super-large machines, each production line has a fixed consumption, which determines that we must meet the capacity of each production line as much as possible , changing raw materials will cost a lot of manpower and material resources, less production will lead to high cost distribution, small unit price, not cost-effective.



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